„Moby Dick“

Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick“is one of the most iconic masterpieces in world literature.


Lesung:  Ulrich Tukur

Klavier: Sebastian Knauer

Text: Wolfgang Knauer / Ulrich Tukur


The story of Moby Dick – narrated by the sailor Ishmael, the sole survivor of a whaling ship – is a challenge, an adventure and a great journey into the tough world of whaling and an anthem to the magic of the sea. Ulrich Tukur brings this masterpiece by the American author Herman Melville to the stage. The pianist Sebastian Knauer adds music by Franz Liszt, Fréderic Chopin, Modest Mussorgsky, Scott Joplin and others to this narration.


Ulrich Tukur has long grappled with Moby Dick, one of the most important prose works in world literature. The actor presents his own version of this timeless classic, which is at the same time overwhelming and mysterious.


This thrilling narration (published in 1851) about Captain Ahab – bent by revenge – and his hunt for the demonic white whale who once tore off one of his legs, is so much more than just a historical thriller.


According to Ulrich Tukur, this highly complex masterpiece, that combines biblical motives with the cosmos of Shakespeare, can also be understood as “a devotion to the eerie beauty of human existence”. Finally, he explains that “Moby Dick” is also “a perfect narration of what can happen to modern man when he challenges all limits. His own and those of others “.